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Hosting the 1st UK Dog Sport Event in Wales

We are thrilled to be hosting the very first UK Dog Sport event in Wales! There has been a big decline over the last decade in competitive events being held in Wales, including Working Trials. UK Dog Sport (UKDS) is a relatively new dog sport founded during lockdown by Wendy Beasley. It is loosely based on Working Trials with focus on accessibility to dogs and handlers of all abilities.

UK Dog Sport is split into 6 different levels of competition: Foundation, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Foundation and Beginner levels are designed to encourage participation by dogs and handlers that have not competed in any dog sport.

Novice level is a basic stake, and is open to dogs that have not competed in UKDS Intermediate or above, or Working Trials, Obedience, IGP or any other multi disciplinary dog sport. Both the Intermediate and Advanced Levels are open to all dogs and handlers and are set at a progressively higher standard to encourage participation by serious dog sport enthusiasts.

Expert level will prove challenging, exciting and fun for those handlers that have qualified the other levels and are looking for something new to do with their dogs. Each level has their own criteria of what is required: 


  • Control - Heelwork, Stay, Retrieve, Sendaway, Speak

  • Nosework - Search Square

  • Agility - A frame, Tunnel and Jump


Despite there being placings at competition, most people are competing to get qualified at their chosen level. The minimum qualification, for example at Foundation level, would be FDQ (Foundation Dog Qualified) and those qualifying on the higher level would be shown as FDEX (Foundation Dog Excellent).

We embarked on our UK Dog Sport journey in September 2022. Since then we have attended a number of workshops and undergone training with some excellent trainers and competitors. We run two classes per week, one taught by ourselves and one taught by the experienced Linda Reynolds. We have a group of keen, committed members who love the sport and are preparing for our UK Dog Sport Event coming up on April 21st at Carmarthen Showground, hopefully the first of many to come!

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