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Meet the Team!

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Head Trainer

Hi there.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I was born on the family farm, growing up with a gang of dogs and horses for best friends.

We lived miles from anywhere and I was known as the ‘hill billy kid’ at school and yes, I was lucky enough to have that collie dog waiting at the end of our 3 mile lane, for me to come home from school. His name was Laddie, gosh, I loved that dog!

We mainly had working Collies, Jacks for ratting and GSDs for guarding.

I soon learned that if they were not doing their job they would be moved on. So, finding ways to get each dog good at what my parents needed them to do was paramount from a very early age, hence my passion for training.

I have been working with dogs and horses for many years and started training people with dogs - which is a whole new ball game!!!- nearly 20 years ago. It’s great fun and very rewarding, but at times somewhat frustrating, until the owner has the ‘light bulb moment’ and realises that it’s them that has to train their dog not me, I’m just there to guide them in the best way for them and the dog.  

I’ve been around long enough to know how dog training was in the ‘bad old days’ and that led me to search for a better way to train and understand dogs from their point of view. Thankfully, things have now changed somewhat for the better in dog training, with positive reward-based training becoming the proven way to train (sadly, horse training still has a way to go).

As a family, we have a show team of Beagles, known as ‘Bellvalley Beagles’ which we show very successfully all over the UK. You can meet them all here -   We have bred and made up a Champion - Bellvalley Teen Spirit.

We are the only Beagle breeders in Europe who are members of the Jane Killion’s ‘PUPPY Culture’.

Which means that before they go to their new homes, all Bellvalley puppies learn -

  • To be savvy to clicker training

  • Sit /down/ stand

  • Leave a treat

  • Stay quiet and still for attendant (mending)     

  • Hand target

  • Trained to go potty in litter tray

  • 1-2-1 training

  • Dog crate savvy

All this and lots more, before 8 weeks of age.

Having met and talked in depth with Jane, I am even more committed to ‘Puppy Culture’- helping my puppies to be well equipped to cope with advances in life. I firmly believe it’s the only way we may contribute to fewer dogs ending up in recues.

Please feel free to see my page with more about this.

I’ve been fortunate, over many years, to meet, train with, listen and talk to, some of the world’s top trainers and attended courses and seminars given by:  Dr Ian Dunbar, Ken Ramiax, Michele Pouliot, Kay Laurence, Kathy Sdao, Cecilie Koste, Grisha Stewart, Craig Ogilvie, Kay Attwood, Eva Bertilsson & Emelie Johnson Vegh, to name but a few.

Being around to help hundreds of dogs and their owners, I can honestly say that I have learnt from every one of them. I’ve made a few mistakes along the way and learnt from those too, that’s why practical, hands-on experience is priceless. An open mind never stops learning.  I have lots of knowledge, which I love to share with fellow dog owners. To say I have been lucky in sharing my life with many animals is a bit of an understatement. From being a small kid, growing up on a farm with dogs, cats, horses, sheep, cows and pigs, I’ve become, as I like to see myself, the old, grey haired warrior, shouting out for better care and understanding of animals, especially dogs and horses.

I will continue to educate myself to achieve the highest standards of knowledge, so that I’m able to pass this on to my clients. I will always put the needs of the dog squarely at the centre of everything we do and I will always support the needs of the dogs’ owners on this journey.  

I am a certified UK Sniffer Dog instructor, member of the Pet Professional Guild (British Isles) and a listed Kennel Club Instructor.

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Catherine Vincent is an Instructor for ClickStart Dog Training and manages the online aspect of the business.


She started out with a degree in Psychology which has helped in her understanding of science-based theories of behaviour and provided Catherine with a good communicative skill set. She has then followed on her training in Learning Theory of Behaviour in Canines.


She is accredited to teach The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and is a Force Free member of the Pet Professional Guild. Catherine would describe her methods as fun, effective and evidence based.


She grew up on a small holding and has been around dogs for as long as she can remember.


Catherine has been working with dogs professionally for five years.


Catherine has completed all Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Awards, from Puppy and Bronze through to Gold with her own dogs. As well as competing in Rally, she has enjoyed taking part in Scent Detection, Tracking, Mantrailing, Agility & Hoopers with a few tricks thrown in!


Catherine specialises in Scent Detection and is a qualified UK Sniffer Dogs Instructor at Gold Level,  Qualified WSDA Instructor and Blue Level Judge, Qualified UK Sniffer Dogs Tracking Instructor and Canine Hoopers UK Instructor. She has undergone specialised training in Puppy Development, Canine Food & Nutrition and Training methodologies.

Catherine shares her life with her Bull Lurcher Ziggy and Beagle Xena.

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