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Workshops, Courses & Trials

Tracking is the ability the dog has to detect, recognise and follow a specific scent of ground disturbance. Our dogs are born with this skill and would use it for survival before being domesticated. Humans have harnessed this for years, by applying dog behaviour to the dogs ability to track, we now use tracking dogs for lots of different operational purposes: - Police for criminals and evidence. - Military for opposition and threats, some countries poachers - and even animals. When tracking a human the dogs are taught to follow track scent, which is the disturbance in the ground left by the humans footprints. In tracking the dogs are taught to keep their nose down and follow the whole track not just to get to the end, but to also indicate on any evidence (articles) dropped by the criminal, and which route they took. We will start by teaching 2 things follow the specific track scent and indicate on articles along the way.

Scentwork activities are brilliant for any age, breed, temperament and fantastic for reactive dogs.

ClickStart Dog Training offers Workshops, Group Classes and 1-2-1 Training giving you the opportunity to learn Scentwork activities to enjoy with your dog, whether for fun or to compete at Trials.

Taught by qualified Enigma Canine Trusted Instructors & UK Sniffer Dogs Gold Level Instructors.

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