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Workshops & Courses

Scent Detection Training has long been widely used across the world, for working and operational services. Our amazing dogs have been used to search for drugs, bombs, firearms, cash, contraband, missing people & human remains. Even more amazing, in recent years dogs are being used for assistance purposes. Medical alert (diabetes & epilepsy) and medical detection, such as detecting cancer cells in humans....WOW!

We aim to give you the skills to train and take part in scent training activities with your dogs, just like the working 'Sniffer Dogs'!

Benefits of Scent Detection for Pet Dogs Include:

  • Sniffer work is brilliant for any age, breed and temperament of dog.  

  • It is mentally stimulating; Give your dog a job so he doesn't go self employed!

  • It is a great physical workout; 10 minutes of sniffing is more tiring than an hour's run!

  • Creates happy dogs; It is scientifically proven that sniffing releases happy endorphins.

  • It reduces stress and anxiety; Scent Detection training is "mindfulness" for dogs. It gives anxious dogs something else to focus on.


ClickStart Dog Training offers Workshops, Group Classes and 1-2-1 Training giving you the opportunity to learn Scent Detection with your dog, whether for fun or to compete at Trials.

Taught by qualified UK Sniffer Dogs Gold Level Instructors, WSDA Blue level Instructor and Level 1 Judge & Enigma Canine Trusted Instructors.

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