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5 Year Anniversary!

It’s been 5 years this January since we set up ClickStart Dog Training! We have learned so much in these years from learning about different dog training disciplines to building a website and managing classes in, and coming out, of Covid. We have worked with so many amazing dogs and humans and are so unbelievably lucky to have such a great community and support from our members, who feel much more like friends now, it makes coming to work a joy. 

There have been some rough times, hard work, blood and sweat, but there have been a lot a lot of laughs! This got us to thinking of when it all began, what brought us together as a team in those early days? In March 2019 we signed up to a workshop on Scent Detection and it ignited a passion for scentwork training. We have geeked out together on a sport we are both passionate about, learned about the amazing benefits we can bring to our clients and their dogs and built this into our behavioral plans and classes, watching it work its magic. 

We have built up a club of enthusiastic members who we compete with around the UK successfully, coming in 1st place at: Portsmouth (2021), Carmarthen (2021), Portsmouth (2022), Carmarthen (2022), Portsmouth (2023), Southampton (2023), Carmarthen (2023). We’ve had a lovely write up of our journey in The Kennel Club magazine and have been thrilled at the invitation to join the UK Sniffer Dogs stand at Crufts with our little demo dog, Xena. This month we will be posting up all things Scent Detection to commemorate our 5 year partnership together. Thank you to all our clients for your support over the years.

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